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Our mission is to create engaging experiences for book enthusiasts of all ages.

We are deeply passionate about the written word and the adventures it offers, allowing the reader to dive into new worlds, solve puzzles, and unlock their imagination. We are living in times when smartphones and streaming have taken over the free time of most adults and kids. We want to help in taking things back to a time when not everything was about what is premiering on Netflix, and what game everybody is playing on their phone.

We are proud to operate two distinct arms: PittBookCenter and PittBookCenterJR, each tailored to cater to a unique audience.

PittBookCenter focuses on adult readers, bringing a curated selection of activity books that appeal to the grown-up mind. Our variety ranges from mind-bending puzzles to tranquil coloring books, interactive cookbooks to intricate dot-to-dots, and much more. We believe that everyone deserves a break from the hustle and bustle of life, and our books are designed to offer that tranquil space to rejuvenate, to learn, and to have fun.

PittBookCenterJR, our second arm, is dedicated to fostering the love of reading and learning in children. Our children’s activity books are crafted to not just entertain, but also educate and inspire. We understand the importance of nurturing creativity, curiosity, and cognitive skills from an early age. Thus, our books incorporate puzzles, coloring pages, stories, and interactive activities that stimulate young minds while ensuring they are having fun.

At PittBookCenter, we consider ourselves more than just a publisher. We are a community of

  • avid readers,
  • passionate educators,
  • dedicated parents, and
  • imaginative children,

all bonded by our love for books.

Our aim is to offer a portfolio of books that resonates with this diverse audience. So whether you’re a lifelong learner, a parent looking to inspire a love of reading and learning in your child, or simply searching for a relaxing pastime, we invite you to explore our collections.

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